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DreamTeam Token

DreamTeam is a group of companies offering eSports as well as gaming recruitment/management solutions. It allows users to carry out different functions such as building, managing and monetizing their teams. Its supported currency is based on Ethereum tokens. The company uses these token as the only source of currency to compensate and finance players, sponsors, teams and event prizes.


DreamTeam Token will help e-Sports enthusiast and professionals to build and grow their team, and to earn & pay transparently using blockchain technology. It is actually a blessing for the e-gaming lovers. At times, there is no platform where players and teams can get to know what is happening inside? For example what sort of remuneration is being paid to players and how much? Why a player moved in or out? It is the existing element of distrust between the players and their organizers or investors that DreamTeam is going to resolve by combining blockchain technology with the e-gaming portal. All the monetary distribution will take place using blockchain technology. Players, teams, tournament organizers and prizes will be paid transparently in their cryptocurrency wallets.

Earn Cash Tokens

There are many ways that you can earn cash tokens. Since the new cryptocurrency isn’t launched yet, so you need to buy it through ICO that is going to take place on 20th of November, 2017. Investors, however, can buy it using presale links that are going to be available from 15th of October 2017 to 19th of October 2017. Once the DreamTeamToken is launched, you can surely buy and sale your cash tokens the same way as that of other tokens.

  • You can earn tokens by joining e-gaming portal and playing there as a player, tournament organizer, coach, etc.
  • Interest cab earned by holding your cash tokens that are awarded to you against your investment in ICO.
  • You can also buy your team. You will earn a commission for each player who joins your team. The more team players you have, the more you earn.

CASH Wallet

The best thing about BlockChain technology and smart contract is that you get your compensation deposited directly in your online cash wallet. You don’t need to use your bank accounts. It ultimately brings you associated benefits such as paying no tax, no transaction cost etc.

The ICO Distribution

As per the available information, the ICO will last only for 4 days, starting from the 20th November 2017 to the 24th of November 2017. The starting price of the DTT will be 0.0005000 ETH.

The ICO plans to allocate 75% of the total DDT followed by an upper capping of $75 Million. The ICO will maintain a 10% of the total DTT as a reserve. Team & early investor’s (who invest on a long-term basis i-e a minimum of two years) shares will be 10%. The shares of advisory board and partners will be 5%.

Bonus Scheme

The ICO also plans to offer a bonus scheme. If investors buy DDT on the day of its launch, they will receive a 5% bonus on their buying. Since the ICO will last for only 4 days, therefore, the bonus scheme is available for the investors buying DDT during the first two days of the launch. The investors buying tokens on the second day will receive a reduced amount of bonus i-e 3%.

Mining – Supply

The ICO plans to offer a total of $10 000 000 out of which 75% will be sold out at the launch of ICO. The remaining 25% will be divided into three categories including reserves, the allocation for teams & early subscribers as well as partners & advisory boards following a weight-age of 10%, 10%, and 5% respectively.

DreamTeamToken Members

Alexander Kokhanovsky is a founder & Chief Executive Officer of DTT. Volodymyr Panchenko who is the co-founder and Andrey Khavryuchenko & Alexander Baseda are the two architects.

Dream Team offers a variety of monetization options including premium accounts, verified ranking, boosters, and big data analytics & research. With the help of smart contracts, the ICO enables users to pay salaries and bonuses to teams, players, and coach, etc. It also helps in signing contracts with sponsors. It is an ultimate solution for distribution of tournaments prize money. Using future options, users can secure payments in a fiat currency by paying a nominal fee. It also acts as a secure & transparent market for player’s transfers.

Final Words

DreamTeamToken will bring a revolutionary solution for E-gaming aspirants by giving them all-in-one platform to interact with other players, hire them, make teams and organize tournaments. The combination of blockchain technology and the online gaming portal is anticipated to bring a positive change in the world of e-Sports.