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Arna Panacea is a decentralized technology based on blockchain to reliably analyze and store clinical data. It saves lives from cancer. It is considered to be the first ecosystem in the biotech market. It eliminates the monopoly of Big Pharma and provides trials market a disruptive solution. It also supports the launch of innovative technologies offering help to research teams in marketing and development. It involves 14 plus discipline of market participants for clinical trials.


ARNA Panacea is helping patients suffering from cancer by diagnosing it at early stage and providing them treatment subsequently. It is a blockchain technology powered by ARNA tokens. All data is stored on public blockchain. It serves as the only blockchain platform to collect, store and analyze the information used to treat cancer. People will know who is fighting cancer and need funds to be treated. All funds from the public will be kept on a blockchain system, so people will know where these funds are used and for what purpose?


As discussed above, all transactions will take place using blockchain technology. Funds helping research teams in the development of products to treat cancer patients will be disbursed on blockchain system. Doctors, nurses, and other medical staff including team members will be paid in their electronic wallets. All funds from different resources are also kept on the blockchain ecosystem. It will not only help to raise funds efficiently and transparently but will also help the needy patients to start treatment on time.

Earn Tokens

People can earn tokens by subscribing the presale offer of the ICO. People can also buy tokens on the launch of the ICO. Those buying token during the presale phase of the ICO may be eligible for some bonus as well. To know the exact details of bonus offerings, please visit the link https://token.arnagenomics.com/#Join-pre-sale

The ICO Distribution

The ICO is expected to commence on 19th of November 2017. The ICO is planned to last for fifteen (15) days maximum.  It will end on 3rd December 2017. Tokens of the ICO will be distributed on 21st of November 2017. The ICO will have a soft capping of 3,333 ETH followed by hard capping of 130,000 ETH. The initial value of 1 Arna token will be 0.003333 ETH. It is estimated that total token supply will be 1 billion. Out of which, 50% (500 million) will be distributed to the public.

Distribution of TDE funds will be as follows

  • 50% – will be distributed to Arna BC
  • 17% – will be shared by Arna Panacea
  • 14%- will be distributed for Research and Development
  • 13%- will be spent on marketing
  • 5% – will be spent to meet legal cost

Token Allocation

Allocation of token is expected to be under the following pattern

  • 50%- will be sold during sale of tokens
  • 25%- will be used to help improving ecosystem
  • 24%- will be reserved by ARNA Genomics
  • 1% -will cover sale of token

Team Members


Egor Melnikov is the founder and CEO of ARNA PANACEA


George Nikitin is the co-founder and ideologist of the blockchain technology


Anatoliy Melnikov is the co-founder and head of Research and Development


Ilya Senechkin is the Embryology Director at (“Center IVF” network of clinics, Russia)


Sergey Chernyshev is the Deputy Head of Research and Development department


Magomed Chatuev is a software architect and developer

Bonus Scheme

Like other ICOs, Arna Panacea is also offering a bonus scheme to its subscribers under presale period that is going to end on 16th October 12:00 pm UTC. People buying tokens during the pre-sale time will receive a bonus up to 47.5%. The ICO also plans to offer bonus to participants registering on waitlist forms.

Final Words

Arna Panacea is a decentralized solution for patients fighting cancer. It is a platform that will help patients in getting diagnosed and treated on time. The platform will serve as an end to the big pharma monopoly since funding from sources, and its usage will all be based on blockchain making every transaction transparent. Every information collected in pursuit of cancer treatment will also be kept and stored on blockchain ecosystem. It will help research teams to conduct research and expedite the development procedure to help cancer patients treated earlier than expected.